Updates to the carpenter: Can now make “Tamers Little Helper”
Updates To Runic Crafted Items: Runic crafted items (depending on the level of runic) now have the chance to make “Uber” items to help bring back the need for the crafters.
Updates to Tailor: Tailor can now make Pet Leash! Shrinking System
Updates To Tinker: Tinkers can now make Wax Crafting Pots under Tools Updates to Inscription: Scribes can now make Power Scroll Books to help sort their Powerscrolls!
Updates To Server: Added a better Interior Decorator sold by the same NPC’s and crafted by the Carpenter
Update to Alchemist: Now can craft a Pet Bonding Potion
Craftable Bonding Potions! *Alchemist
Craftable Pet Leash! *Tailor
Bag Of Holding!
Personal Hue Color That You Own!
Storage Keys!
Craftable Recall Runes! *Carpenter
Loot Bag!
30 x 30 Customizable Plots!
Tamers Little Helper! *Carpenter
Skill Increase Book! *Inscribe
Wax Crafting Pot! *Tinker
Powerscroll Books! *Scribes
New Champ Spawn with major artifact drops and great loot! Find it in T2A Fel and replaces the Bog spawn!
New Solo Boss “Richard Simons” and drops new custom items and a chance at 5-2000 Sovereigns for our donation vendor and the UO Store!
New Item, Armor, or Jewelry Enhancement System! Get a chance on enhancing your items or craftables to make them that much more powerful!
Donation and support Shrouds can now be purchased through the Sovereigns Vendors!
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