Server Information

UO New Beginnings is dedicated to bringing the crafter back with enhanced crafting and custom items!

We are always updating and adding new content for this lost skill set and brought back the demand for them in our beloved world.


Total of accounts Per IP = 2
Total Of Houses Per Account = 2
Daily Rare’s Rest Daily
Server Goes Down For Reset Every 24 Hours (2 AM EST)
Skill Cap Bonus = 1200
Skill Vet Reward Bonus = 20 x 10 = 200 Extra Skill Points!
Stat Cap is now 250 and 275 with equipment!
Vet Reward Point Every 10 Days!!
Pet Shrinking System!
Special Craftable Items!
Crafters Run The Game with The Crafting Runic Boost!
Enhanced Imbuing!
Panning For Gold!
Amazing and Awesome Community!
Friendly Staff!
And so much more!!

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